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The bottom-line advantage

was obvious to us.

– CEO for Drilling Contractor

Improving Hand Safety

The only thing we love more than talking about Ringers Gloves is hearing our customers talk about Ringers Gloves. Like the head of HSE for a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico who, after implementing our custom-glove program to address a problem, saw hand injuries drop by 60 percent in 30 days.

Did You Know? - Improving Hand Safety

These comments come straight from our customers:

“Our employees perform heavy oilfield operations. We tried several other types of high-impact gloves but were most impressed with Ringers styles and quality. Based on trials, we now have all field employees outfitted with the Ringers High Impact Gloves. The best part is that we have not had a hand injury in the past 180 days and we feel it is due to the Ringers impact gloves.”
– Oilfield Service Company

“If I had been wearing cotton gloves instead of Ringers Roughneck insulated gloves, I believe the damage to my hand would have been much greater. I am grateful that we are supplied with gloves like this for protection in the field.”
– Oilfield Service Company

“Since the implementation of the Roughneck gloves on our rig in December 2010, we have not had one hand injury or recordable to date.”
– Offshore Drilling Contractor

“The KevLoc feature has reduced the severity of a couple of injuries and in other instances, eliminated injuries altogether. Our hand injuries have dropped since we starting using these gloves.”
– Onshore Drilling Contractor