Because They're Worth It.™
Ringers Difference Person

Because they’re made better, they last longer.

The bottom-line advantage

was obvious to us.

– CEO for Drilling Contractor

The Ringers Difference

Ask any CEO. When you buy a better quality product, you replace it far less often. Our customers have been our greatest inspiration for product enhancement. By listening to them, Ringers Gloves has been able to innovate fit, form and function to meet their needs—in advance of our competition and the industry curve. That is the Ringers Difference.

Did You Know? - Ringers Difference

While we’ve proudly improved safety and comfort for our customers, we’ve also delivered some of the lowest total costs in the industry—a fact we’ve demonstrated many times on our customers’ month-to-month bottom lines. And that’s not even factoring in the savings from averted lost-time injuries and their associated costs.