Because They're Worth It.™
Industries Person

A well-made safety glove is the

Most effective strategy

for reducing job injuries.

– HSE Manager for Drilling Contractor


Pipeline insulation, power-plant turnarounds, refinery maintenance—construction & engineering projects run a wide gamut. Certainly, when it comes to hand protection, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. At Ringers, we come to your work site and speak with your employees to determine the hazards and work conditions unique to each application. Doing so allows us to provide everyone with the right glove for the right job.

We can meet or exceed any industry-wide or job-specific requirements. That includes up to CE Level 5 cut resistance, along with impact and puncture protection. Comfort and dexterity are just as important, which is why we design our gloves to fit the natural curve of the hand. The way we see it, if you have to remove a glove to do a job, you don’t have the right glove.