Because They're Worth It.™

They’re comfortable.

They’re durable.

They’re incomparable.

– Assembly Technician for Manufacturing Company

Our Experience

Ringers Gloves was founded in 1996 on the principles of passion, quality and a personally inspired commitment to hand safety. Since then, we’ve significantly expanded our product line into a wide range of supported industries—from drilling & production to mining, construction, manufacturing to public safety.

Our customers know that we take safety seriously. Over the years, our numerous innovations have resulted from listening to our customers and developing advanced, task-specific solutions to their needs and the problems associated with conventional safety gloves. Innovations like splitting the palm materials to enhance grip and glove longevity in high-wear areas.

Did You Know? - Our Experience

Our approach has earned us our customers’ trust. Ultimately, we know that safety comes from making smart decisions. We passionately believe that Ringers Gloves are one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make when it comes to hand safety.