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Because they’re made better, they last longer.

The bottom-line advantage

was obvious to us.

– CEO for Drilling Contractor

Test Pilot

Ringers Gloves’ Test Pilot program is a unique—and uniquely successful—approach to providing the best possible solution for our customers. You know your challenges; we know our gloves. By coming together, we can improve safety and reduce the costs that go with it.

Did You Know? - Test Pilot

In order to understand what your employees face, we’ll go on site and ask them questions. Do they work with sharp objects? Are they exposed to wickers or burrs? Do they use a synthetic or oil-based mud? We’re thorough, because we’re not just addressing specific work challenges. We’re addressing all specific work challenges.

This reconnaissance allows us to supply the appropriate gloves or develop the appropriate solutions. Our approach has significantly expanded our product line, particularly for the oil & gas industry.