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Site Assessments

At Ringers Gloves we strive to fully understand your specific challenges and needs. To be familiar with exactly what tasks and duties your employees are performing. Therefore, we offer comprehensive onsite assessments of your facility and/or field operations, engaging with safety professionals while the work is being performed. Our goal is to observe each process, talk to the employees performing the work and document our findings. We then share our results in an easy to read report. At this time, we may suggest a Test Pilot, which will allow your front line workers to sample and try out for themselves our recommended gloves. These sample gloves are provided free of charge and are accompanied by our Test Pilot survey form to capture feedback. After reviewing all of the data, Ringers is able to confirm the proper gloves for your tasks and duties.

Did You Know? - Site Assessments

Key Benefits of a Site Assessment:

  • First hand knowledge of the tasks and hazards, critical in recommending the correct glove for the task
  • Direct feedback, needs and concerns from the “hands on” worker
  • Detailed reporting and follow-up to share our findings and glove recommendations
  • Cost of ownership analysis
  • Training, education and custom signage recommendations
  • Test Pilot program available as a next step