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Ringers Gloves are the perfect fit.

I never settle for less.

– Field Manager for Oilfield Service Company



    • Developed for the petrochemical industry, the all-purpose nitrile impact glove offers dorsal impact protection, provided by a two-stage layer of TPR and foam covering the dorsal (full finger, knuckle and metacarpal) region of the hand.
    • The proprietary PVC-nitrile coating offers excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility, dexterity, and low temperature performance. The coating contains an odor prevention anti-microbial sanitizer. It also features a PVC coated safety cuff for additional protection and quick hand removal. The inner lining is made from a soft cotton jersey liner to maximize comfort and provide sweat absorption.

Sizing: L/XL/10-2XL/3XL/12
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