Because They're Worth It.™
Industries Person

A well-made safety glove is the

Most effective strategy

for reducing job injuries.

– HSE Manager for Drilling Contractor


It’s no accident. Ringers designs and sells gloves across the entire industry spectrum, addressing task-specific needs for oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing, mining, fire and rescue, motorsports, law enforcement, and food processing industries. We meet all appropriate certifications for cut and puncture resistance, along with specified protection for impact, crushing, pinching, abrasion, and exposure.

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To make sure your employees have the right gloves, we come out to the work site to evaluate specific hazards. We address not only safety, but behavior—gloves don’t work if they’re not worn. So in addition to all of the innovative features and reinforcements, each glove is designed for comfort and dexterity, uniquely shaped to the natural curvature of the hand.

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