Because They're Worth It.™
Hand Safety Awareness Person

My hands are the most important tool I own.

When it comes to protecting them,

I do not compromise.

– Rig Manager for Drilling Contractor

What Does an Injury Really Cost?

Some companies will mistakenly try to save money by buying safety gloves that are lower quality and completely inappropriate for the needs of their employees. This typically results in a higher rate of injuries and workers who may remove their gloves because they are uncomfortable. Ringers Gloves are made with the highest level of quality, comfort, and protection in mind. If you’re considering a lower quality and less expensive glove than Ringers, consider what that level of hand protection really costs in the long run.

Did You Know? - What Does An Injury Really Cost?

On-the-job injuries are expensive and painful to your bottom line. OSHA provides a breakdown of various occupational injuries and estimates of what they cost us per year, per incident:

  • Lacerations: $40,023
  • Punctures: $47,703
  • Fractures: $101,833
  • Crushing: $118,769


Significantly, 70% of all work-related hand injuries are the direct result of workers not wearing gloves. While wearing safety gloves is crucial to hand protection, wearing the correct type of gloves is also critical when it comes to hand safety. A comfortable, quality glove for the right job is imperative to improving safety and avoiding costs due to injuries and loss of productivity.