Because They're Worth It.™
Hand Safety Awareness Person

My hands are the most important tool I own.

When it comes to protecting them,

I do not compromise.

– Rig Manager for Drilling Contractor

Think 10

Think 10: Tips for Hand Safety

  1. Remove all jewelry from hands and fingers.
  2. Know the hazards associated with the task or job.
  3. Identify your risks.
  4. Be aware of pinch points and crush zones.
  5. Ensure proper sizing and fit of gloves.
  6. Make sure you use the correct tools for the job.
  7. Choose the proper gloves for the task.
  8. Take your time and be aware of where your hands are.
  9. Be aware of rotating or moving surfaces.
  10. Leave work at the end of the day with all 10 tools.

Did You Know? - Think 10

Eight fingers and two thumbs—it’s a set you never want to break up. At Ringers Gloves, everything we do is geared towards protecting hands. And that goes far beyond selling gloves. We’ve developed the Think 10 program to help customers educate their own employees about hand safety. We’ll customize posters and other collateral for each unique work environment, even brand it with your company logo. For more information on Think 10, contact or call 800-421-8454.