Because They're Worth It.™

They’re comfortable.

They’re durable.

They’re incomparable.

– Assembly Technician for Manufacturing Company

About Us

The men and women who use our gloves have a lot to say about the products we make. Ringers Gloves develops and sells advanced-technology, task-specific safety gloves for applications that demand extreme reliability. These industries include drilling & production, manufacturing, construction & engineering, mining, utilities and public safety. Since 1996, we’ve made quality and craftsmanship our uncompromising principles. With a string of innovations inspired by customer needs, we’ve continually raised the bar on how a safety glove should perform.

But don’t take our word for it. Ask the people who buy them around the globe. Ask the people who use them every day.

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Ringers Gloves Did You Know? - About Us

Ringers has hand safety experts and certified distributors in North America, South America, Europe, the North Sea, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australasia, so there is always a representative available to help guide you to the right gloves for your job. For 20 years, we have been a leader in innovative, quality products that have led us to be your global resource in hand safety expertise. You can believe in the Ringers Gloves promise — no matter what industry you work in, we will help you find the product needed to keep your hands safe.