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At Ringers Gloves, we are deeply committed to the safety and protection of your hands. As a leading manufacturer of safety gloves, we provide the most technologically-advanced gloves available, uniquely designed to meet the demands of your job while protecting your hands from a variety of occupational hazards. From our Roughneck® line to our Knit Cut 5, and from impact to cut-resistant gloves, all Ringers Gloves are CE-certified to meet strict consumer safety, health, and environmental standards and requirements.

When it comes to safety gloves that make a difference, trust Ringers Gloves.
Everything we do is with one thought in mind…Because They're Worth It™

Why Ringers Gloves?
Why Ringers Gloves?

You deserve the best. Comfort, durability, and a superior level of hand protection is what sets Ringers Gloves apart.

See the Ringers Difference

On Site. On Hand.
On Site. On Hand.

Put Ringers Gloves to the test. Our Test Pilot Program allows you to try our most appropriate gloves for your critical tasks.

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Revolutionizing<br /> Hand Protection
Hand Protection

As the leading brand of safety gloves, Ringers offers the protection you need for the hazards you face.

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